Just paying the bills!

Today it is common for people to ask for VC money before they even have a business and all our cutting edge business information is about these people who want to make it big. But, let me ask you this, how does a franchisee, corner shop keeper, and other small often family run businesses make it big or more importantly do they even want to make it big.

I believe they just want to pay their bills and make a decent living. It may come as a surprise to you – a tech savvy, blog reading, internet using individual – that most businesses are just there to earn a decent living. Does this make these ventures less valuable? I think not.

In fact I can not think of anything more rewarding, while still having a private life, enjoy the kids growing up, than having just that sort of business. Whatever it is you are doing, you do it well, you keep your customers happy, deliver high quality work and make a decent living, by keeping your overheads low and your profits as high as possible.

I would think this to be a great achievement, with a lot of job satisfaction and job security. You can work for more than one organisation, so losing one is not the of the world.

I know a number of Virtual Assistants who do exactly that, they work from home (low overheads, see the kids coming from school almost every day and no traveling every morning to work), work for 5 to 15 clients (spread of risk, job security), work when they want (time for a private life) with a little network of like minded people as backup. Great way to work.

Unfortunately nobody gets excited about their businesses and I see little literature about this sort of business, why is that?

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