Being rude to your customers.

Zoli has a story about rudeness to customers, I have one of those too. Read the full story on my travel blog World Signia here, here just a short excerpt:

…….. I had to ask Elizabeth to find someone to give us “a” hand with our luggage, she performed this duty to the letter, as the Duty manager had the “other” hand in a bandage, but he tried very hard, which is more than can be said for his colleagues. However, it took quite some time to get the luggage to our rooms, so we missed the room service deadline.

Which is where our next problem starts, I asked for something to eat for us, so we had a loaf of bread, butter and some fruit delivered to our room, the bread was still in it’s plastic wrapping, we collapsed laughing when we saw that. This is a five star hotel owned by Voyages Hotels and Resorts. Who gave this place five stars or did they just buy a sticker set.

The next thing was, I made a reservation for the a la carte restaurant for the following evening for 19:15 hours, later I checked and what a surprise I had no reservation. It was suggested that I had not made a reservation. I looked at the list and you could see 19:15 had Tip-Ex applied, so I asked to hold the sheet to the light – I did not give them a chance to object to my request – and then you could see clearly my name under the Tip-Ex. What a place. No apology or anything, it was incredible.

They did not make up our room for three days, I was asked whether I had requested that my room should be made up. I have to admit this question left me speechless, which is quite a feat. Even after I told them I would write about this – exaggerating the importance of my travel blog just slightly – I only got: “Can I help you with anything else?” I knew suggesting to her to come over to make our beds would not work – you just know sometimes, even without asking. …..

It is amazing how businesses behave towards clients and don’t even care when you point it out to them. Hat tip to Zoli for relentlessly publishing this stuff, it happens so often these days, that you are so used to this ignorant behavior.

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