Globelization 3.0

Thomas Friedman wrote in his book The world is Flat, that we have entered the third phase of globelization:

“… the new found power of individuals to collaborate and compete globally….”

This power stems from the internet and the availability of on-demand services and software.

It is also fueled by immigrants into the the “Western Economies”. This is certainly a side-effect I had not thought of before – a very positive one at that. The fact that many immigrants find it difficult to get into the job market combined with the above mentioned new found power creates businesses that are highly valuable for any economy – starting a business is often easier than finding a job.

These businesses link markets, maybe on a micro scale, but put them all together and we are talking very serious turnover. Our immigrants are not leaving their connections and culture behind and they use these connections to run small businesses.

To me this is another example how free markets can work on many levels. Maybe when we next scream about shout about globelization and how big business is homogenizing our world, think about these businesses. Globalization 3.0, works for very small and personal businesses too – an opportunity not only for businesses run by our immigrants.

I would love to see some numbers on this, if anyone has some?

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