Reality TV moves to No. 10

The BBC just announced that Sir Alan Sugar has been asked to “advice” the new PM Brown on business related issues. So not good news for small business and personal business then.

Maybe the PM should get another “Tycoon” to help him out. I think this all is a cunning plan, lets face it – all these guys have ever done for small business is make sure that more and more people start their own business, in fear of having to work for one of them.

It is a sad world we live in, when the small business sector is the fastest growing segment in our economy and nobody, Government and all these so called roll models have no idea what it means to run a small business today. Take the money, contacts and infrastructure away from them and bitch them against other start-ups, now that would be something I would like to see on TV.

As I have been saying for years, what small business needs is infrastructure and timely advice, it is so simple. Allow people to make mistakes and then give them the chance to learn from them and not have someone on an ego-trip tell you what a failure you are.

Believe me, these people have not got a clue about what makes small business tick today, which looking at Sir Sugar’s resume, surprises me. I remember when I started out someone told me that I would not succeed without making big mistakes and having a business failure. They were right – the secret then is to survive these mistakes and try again. Years later I said during a talk I gave at a Business Start-Up Show in London that:

Success is a staircase of mistakes and failures.

Looking back on my three decades as a small business guy, who made it big during the .COM boom, I can only say I would not be here today if I had listened to the so called experts.

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