Boomers – the not so young entrepreneurs.

This is a great post by Jeff Williams on a blog I have just discovered – StartupNation – you should read it.

He talks about another group of entrepreneurs, I shall call them the Boomerpreneurs. This is one of the more interesting entrepreneur groups we are seeing at the moment. For many the reason to get into business is as mentioned in the post:

“….many 50+ Boomers in particular are being pushed into early retirement, being downsized or being told by their corporate employers that there really isn’t room for them after age 60. …”

Many Boomers have a different entrepreneurial outlook:

“Although entrepreneurs of all ages tend to share some common traits, such as unbounded optimism, many Boomer entrepreneurs differ from their younger counterparts in the their willingness to balance income-producing potential with the freedom to enjoy their desired lifestyle.”

Jeff goes on:

“For example, some Boomer business owners specifically create business operations that can be run from more than one physical location, or run part of the year.”

But for me this is the real highlight:

“Many of the most generous donors to worthy causes in the U.S. and around the world are Boomer entrepreneurs who share their time and financial support with a wide variety of deserving organizations, ranging from Big Brothers and Sisters to Unicef.”

I love this, to say it with Bob Dylan: The Times They are A-Changin’. Big corporations have played with peoples lives, now these lives are setting up in business, great. This way small business will get more experienced entrepreneurs with a social aspect – it will also help to bring small business mortality down.

There are times when I love what I do, reading stories like this certainly makes me feel good and gives me hope for the future.

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