On My Time – On My Terms

A study by the Center for Woman’s Business Research found that business ownership among women is growing twice as fast as all businesses combined. I would thing there are many reasons for this, like:

  • Income Security – just as good if not better than being employed;
  • Time flexibility – being able to care for your family;
  • Personal fulfillment – no explanation needed here;
  • Professional challenge – enjoying the ride;
  • Work-Life balance – working flexibility adds to a better lifestyle.

I believe that women more than men realise that our society is very sick with antisocial behavior. These problems are not only prevalent in under-priviliged families, but also in well off middle class families. IMO this has to do the stresses of our existence’s – in particular financial stresses.

Women know that to combat these issues we have to stop calling on the state to sort these problems out – let’s be realistic, which problems have our Governments solved in the past!? If our children are looked after in their families, then many of our current problems will vanish. I think women need to be applauded for this conscious or unconscious insight!

Needless to say that on-demand business tools help achieving these goals – just as I believe internet technology will help us with a number of other problems in our society, like global warming, travel exodus, etc.

I am sure we men will get there too, eventually and I’m sure our Governments will take the credit for the positive effects women are creating, like always.

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