WiFi, Labtops and Mobiles

Our workplace is going to change more and more, not only because of the SaaS wave building like a Tsunami, but because the way we interact with the internet is going to change as well.

Instat says there will be 110 million WiFi equiped notebook PCs shipped in 2007, a 30+% growth rate over 2006. They also expect WiFi equiped cellular phone sales to reach 27 million in 2007. This is up from just 6 million in 2006, and Instat is predicting very rapid growth for WiFi enabled cell phones.

I remember not so long ago, Dennis ranting on about his new wifi enabled mobile, and why shouldn’t he. He is probably sitting in Starbucks – coffee, one sugar, milk and wifi – calling his mates in US on Skype for free – get the picture.

This is going to change they way we work with our clients, partners and if you will be able to hire new staff. People are increasingly seeing their mobile phones and other mobile devices as their internet access method of choice and also as a lifestyle choice.

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