June 2007
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Day June 29, 2007

Small Biz in the USA

Stuart has a piece on the difference in treatment of small business in the UK and the US, no real surprises here but still a timly reminder - here just one small fact:In the USA a minimum of 23% of government contracts are awarded to small businesses compared to less than 4% in the UK.You should read the rest on Stuart's blog. We can not hope that the Government is going to join our On-demand Small Business Infrastructure anytime soon.

Phoenix from the ashes

So please read on to find out if the story had a happy ending.I admire him, his candid reality check, very public goals and the hope for an happy ending. I wish him luck and from reading his posts I would say he is one the right way.One can just hope that people like Ian find the strength to get up and do it again, despite the doubts and worries.

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