Phoenix from the ashes

I got a comment today from Ian Denny, to one of my earlier posts Success or Failure – Who cares? I then went to his blog to read about him, I think you should too. He calls his blog Phoenix from the ashes and writes:

Thoughts and feelings from a company founded from the ashes of one that had died. A story I intend to be one of hope for those who find themselves in “business despair” or as a consequence, potential financial ruin personally. At least at the time of creation, we had turned the corner and had hope for the future. So please read on to find out if the story had a happy ending.

I admire him, his candid reality check, very public goals and the hope for an happy ending. I wish him luck and from reading his posts I would say he is on the right way.

One can just hope that people like Ian find the strength to get up and do it again, despite the doubts and worries. There is only one person who can make Ian give up, that is Ian himself.

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