Flexibility in Small Businesses

One of the main reasons why entrepreneurs prefer to own small businesses is the flexibility that they offer. In fact in a survey conducted by USA Today 46% of the small business owners who responded said they had started their business because of the independence and flexibility that it offered.

Surprisingly the same survey revealed that 61% respondents were ready to take home less salary but were not willing to give up the flexibility that a small business offered.

Surprisingly, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) found that only 17% of small businesses either closed down or were sold, while the rest continued to prosper and grow.

An online office is a great advantage to a small business as it adds to the flexibility and independence it offers its owners and employees. Imagine being away from work and yet being able to keep in touch with your colleagues and clients. You could even keep flexible hours and work when you wanted to.

It is no wonder that the Generation Y, baby boomers and a lot of women prefer small businesses over working for bigger corporations.

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