SMB Growth Linked to IT

Irrespective of its core business activity every small business can and does benefit from IT. How much it gains is of course dependent on the manner in which IT is developed. Is the SMB looking at a piece meal option of selecting IT resources only to tackle immediate problems or is it looking at long term goals and needs?

In an IDC conducted research for Cisco Systems it was discovered that IT planning can indeed facilitate the success of SMBs. A good small business infrastructure can improve business processes and also facilitate communication within the small business.

An online office can go a long way in supporting the small business, for employers and employees can be in constant touch with the office even if they are away from it.

A Forrester research on the same subject revealed that while some CEOs thought that IT provides small businesses a much needed edge over rivals, those who downplay the role of IT are bound to suffer in the long run. The study also reported that due to lack of communication between business owners and IT experts SMBs don’t effectively use IT.

A well planned adoption of IT solutions is necessary to ensure proper communication within the office and with clients and vendors.

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