Tackling Stress with Flexible Working Opportunities

The Management of Health and Safety at Work regulation 1999 requires employers to assess the level of stress felt by their employees, and take steps to counter its harmful affects. The consequences of high levels of stress for long periods of time include insomnia, sickness, absenteeism, inattentiveness and the inability to meet targets on time.

Research by Bibby Financial Services indicates that in the U.K. 99% of small business owners feel stressed most of the time. More than 25% feel pressured for as much as 75% to 100% of their time.

It is crucial to help alleviate stress in small business owners and employees to ensure the growth of the company as well as its workers. Flexible working conditions can go a long way in ensuring that small businesses provide their employees adequate opportunities to find a balance in their life and work.

Remote, mobile and flexible working conditions are an ideal way to motivate the employees and ensure that they are committed to their work. Our On-Demand Small Business Infrastructure that allows colleagues to communicate and interact even if they don’t share the same physical space also helps reduce stress while maintaining a great level of performance.

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