Small Businesses Think Green

People across the world are joining hands to create a more eco-friendly style of living and working, one that will promote sustainable development. Businesses need to look for eco-friendly alternatives whenever they can, and this is not restricted to large businesses only.

SMBs are recognising the need for eco-friendly work solutions that not only promote the environment but affect the bottom line and also influence client relationship. Some of the eco-friendly practices that are being encouraged include:
* Recycling office waste.
* Utilizing energy efficient electronics that reduce energy consumption and costs. A large number of small businesses are opting for LCD monitors that use a fraction of the power used by conventional monitors.
* Lighting of offices accounts for a large amount of the power consumption in the country and switching to CFL lighting or alternate sources of lighting helps.

An array of SMBs including construction are benefiting from eco-friendly business processes and reducing the amount of paper they use, simply by utilizing an online office. On-demand small business infrastructure is also found to help businesses succeed and grow well.

Green working practices are being taken seriously and may actually be the deciding factor when it comes to clinching an important deal.

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