Data Protection Necessary for SMEs

In a recent research study by Enterprise Storage Group (ESG) it was reported that as many as 52% respondents felt that their current data protection had scope for improvement and their back up and recovery systems were lacking.

Interestingly data loss is one of the main reasons that SMEs need to seriously consider data protection. Industrial espionage and misuse of personal information are equally relevant and important issues related to data protection.

Data protection can be achieved by using a bit of common sense and by keeping one’s wit. “A lot of data protection is actually just common sense: if you think about the sensitivity of personal information, and what’s the common sense way of ensuring its accuracy and protecting it, then you’re going a long way to complying with data protection principles – even if you don’t know it,” says Alasdair Warwood, of the Data Protection Forum.

Complying to basic data protection policies such as passwords, piracy software and settings, keeping back up hardware copies safely and IT security can make all the difference to any business.

On-demand small business infrastructure provides business owners the time and energy to focus on productive processes and also on data protection.

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