Incentives for Small Businesses to Turn Green

The threat to our natural habitat due to global warming is a dramatic and urgent one that requires effort on the part of all organizations, big and small. And to provide SMEs an incentive to move towards this direction Shell Springboard is offering awards amounting up to £40,000.

In a research study undertaken by the Shell Springboard, the social investment program of Shell, and Vivid Economics it was reported that the climate change market was projected to grow 21% by 2007 and reach an astounding  £2.8bn by 2008.

SMBs are encouraged to explore innovative and creative ideas that can help control global warming and are also viable for the business. The idea is for businesses to grow and prosper while supporting the environment. One of the chief ways to do this is by reducing greenhouse gases.

It is important that small businesses understand and promote sustainable development. This will not only help reduce the company’s expenditure but also offer the clients and customers a company image that says that it cares about people and the future of the world.

Small businesses must look for financially sound business plans that support the company and also the planet. With growing awareness clients also prefer to work with companies that think green

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