Rise of SOHO

It is interesting to note that the concept of a SOHO is not a new one but actually has been in existence since before the 19th Century. It is after the industrial revolution that larger industries and corporations came up in order to lower overhead costs.

However the mid 1990s saw several dramatic changes in technology and its affects of the manner in which businesses worked. It was no longer necessary to come to the office to work and productivity remained high as employees sought to work from home.

In the start of the 21st century the term SOHO or small or home office was coined and it was characterized by the fact that it had less than 10 employees and was more than often based at home.

With the rising cost of living many consultants, such as lawyers and architects, and businessmen are preferring to work out of their home and save on office space and on transportation costs.

Small and large corporations also prefer to provide employees flexible working conditions such as remote working. On-demand small business infrastructure and virtual offices have made this a possibility.  In fact a Harris survey indicated that 72% of Americans were considering starting a SOHO.

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