Are you a Cyberchondriac?

Harris interactive refers to people who have gone online for health information as Cyberchondriacs – I love that name – although I had to teach it to my spell-checker.

They found in their poll, conducted during July this Year:

Over the last two years, the number of people who have used the Internet to search for health-related information has also increased markedly, (from 53% in 2005 to 71% currently). This brings the number of all U.S. adults who have ever searched for health information online (Harris Interactive® refers to them as “cyberchondriacs”) to 160 million, from 136 million in 2006 and 117 million in 2005 — a 37 percent increase over two years.

I think that is a great statistic, it also changes the interaction between patient and doctor, as some patients arrive with information in hand. I just wonder if anyone has an idea if this actually impacts the health service in financial terms and in terms of successful treatments – anybody?

Nothing to do with small business here, but a great example on how the internet has changed our behavior – I am certainly a Cyberchondriac and have been for some time.

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