Top 10 Most Significant Commerce Developments of the Last Decade

The Software & Information Industry Association, the principal trade association for the software and digital information industry, today announced its list of the top ten developments that have had the most significant impact on electronic commerce since the White House released the “Framework for Global Electronic Commerce” ten years ago.

  1. Google (September 1998)
  2. 50% Broadband Penetration in the US (June 2004)
  3. eBay (September 1997)
  4. (May 1997)
  5. Google Ad Words (2000)
  6. Open Standard (HTML 4.0 released 1997)
  7. Wi-Fi (802.11 launched 1997)
  8. YouTube (2005)
  9. iTunes (2001)
  10. BlackBerry (1999)

It should be noted that the staff of the SIIA voted on this list – so it is a fairly limited demographic – but still interesting.

What I find interesting here is that these businesses all provide their products and services either online or mobile and I can’t think for my live of anything coming even close to this off-line. So they may just as well have left the word “electronic” out of the title.

I think the trend is very clear – online & on-demand – so all personal businesses, like contractors, freelancer, self-employed, virtual assistants and small business, like home-, micro-, lifestyle-, mobile-, SME-, SMB-, SOHO-businesses, need to look at this trend and then look at their business.

You start a business – any business – today you need to be online and on-demand.

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