Advertising Disclosure!

This is not about me disclosing to you that my company WinWeb is paying for this blog in terms of hardware, bandwidth, etc, no it is more about the double standards the “professionals” try to put on us “amateurs”.

Josh Catone on Read/WriteWeb is talking about “Blogging Ethics: When and What Should Bloggers Disclose?” – he says that:

“….You’ll never see, for example, Brian Williams on the NBC Nightly News conclude a story about Ford Motor company by saying that Ford advertises on the NBC family of networks (which includes USA, Bravo, CNBC, MSNBC, etc.). The New York Times doesn’t stop to disclose that the movie they’re reviewing has a display ad in their Arts section. In fact, the screenshot below depicts the Times’ Arts web page today. Notice the review of the “Bourne Ultimatum” right next to an advert for the very same movie. The review was favorable, and didn’t include any disclosures, but I don’t think anyone thinks that the paper was shilling for ad dollars. ….”

I believe as this debate shows bloggers are far more “professional” about this then the mainstream media is.

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