A tantrum a day ….

You should have a tantrum in the office or act angrily now and then, that is if you have testicles. If you don’t then you better act calm all the time – PMS or not – because it harms your business and career prospects.

This at least is the result of new research from a Yale post-doctorate study by Victoria Brescoll:

“A man who gets angry at work may well be admired for it but a woman who shows anger in the workplace is liable to be seen as “out of control” and incompetent, according to a new study presented on Friday.” Reuters.

I’m not so sure if anger at the work place or anywhere else for that matter is really something that helps us along. I guess their is anger and anger, but whatever it is about, it shows loss of emotional control – I can not see the positive side of that.

It certainly will be far more difficult to display your anger tantrums in an online work environment, which I would see as another positive point for working online and from home – no audience, no gain, less tantrums.

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