Virtual Business, what is that?

If you ever wondered what a virtual business for small or personal business, like contractors, freelancer, self-employed, sole-trader and virtual assistants is, then here is an example: – they are truly virtual and global:

  • Bill Jelen in Akron Ohio
  • Lora White manages the office in Uniontown, Ohio.
  • Linda Delonais is technical editor of our books.
  • Ivana Taylor is our virtual VP of marketing.
  • Wei Jiang is a full time programmer and project manager in Shiyan City. He is proficient in Visual Basic, Excel and Access.
  • Tracy Syrstad project manages all of the consulting projects at MrExcel. She is editor of all of the Holy Macro! Books and co-author of our newest book on Excel VBA.
  • Suat Ozgur is a full time Excel, Access, VB and php developer in Istanbul.
  • Anne Troy is author of a book on Microsoft Word that we are publishing this fall.
  • Barb Jelen works in Tucson and processes all of the orders placed through the MrExcel store.
  • Scott Pierson does all of our flash design from Philadelphia.
  • Mala Singh runs the MrExcel Graphics & Engineering Division in India.
  • Richard Kranesis in Chicago runs the MrExcel-branded training around the country, offering on-site Advanced Excel to companies.
  • We have a number of part time programmers who moonlight while still working at their day job. Lest their bosses find out, let’s thank Al, Angelita, Anhtuan, Audrey, Brian, Colo, Cory, Cort, David, Dawn, Duane, Harry, Ian, Ivan, James, Jake, Jay, Juan Pablo, Marcel, Marie, Mark, Mark, Nate, Nick, Richie, Robert, Russell, Scott, Skip, Suat, Tom, Tom, Tracy, Wendy, and Zack for their expertise in various Office products.
  • There are 3 dozen incredible volunteer MVP’s and 100’s of Excel Gurus who answer questions tirelessly at the message board. Thanks to all of them for making what I believe is the best Excel resource available anywhere.

This is an excellent example of what working online can mean, the more tailored your software/IT infrastructure is to working online, the less will it matter where people work and when. I wrote about Globeliszation 3.0 some time back this is an example of that too, small business, like SOHO-, SME, SMB-, Micro-, Home-, DIY-, Hobby-, Boomer businesses can benefit just as much from globelization as big firms. Think about the implications for your business, lower cost and less hassle recruiting is just the start.

Hat-tip to Anita Campbell, she has an interesting blog post on Google Hiring Local Contractors, too.

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