Eco-Friendly Technology for Small Business.

There is a lot one can do to help the environment with the choices we make in buying products and services. Our On-Demand Small Business Infrastructure deploys environmentally friendly business processes and technologies to help our planet and reduce your carbon footprint.

Small business, like SOHO-, SME, SMB-, Micro-, Lifestyle-, Home-, DIY-, Hobby-, Boomer-, Personal businesses can help reduce it’s carbon footprint just by making a choice between software and services delivery models, it is that easy:

1. Less Travel – More Time. More Money. Less CO2.

With our On-Demand SaaS technology you can work from anywhere, so no need to travel to an office. Run your small business from home and benefit in terms of time, money and investment – our environment will thank you.

2. e-Documents – Less Paper. More Trees. Less CO2.

Using our e-Quote, e-Invoicing and e-Statement you help the environment and make your business more productive. If your business partners did the same, imagine how much paper that would save.

3. Less Heating – More Money. Less CO2.

Not only can you save up to 2% of your annual heating bill by lowering the temperature 1ºC in your home, but if you work from home you will not need to heat an office for yourself and others – lowering your carbon footprint.

4. No CDs, DVDs, Packaging – Less Pollution and CO2.

Our software updates happen online, they are included in the price and we do not send out boxes all the environmentally unfriendly side-affects. No need for you to install anything and our 24/7 support will help you with any problems you have.

5. No Paper Manuals – More Trees. Less Pollution and CO2.

All our Support and Customer Care Infrastructure is online, so we do not need any manuals that are outdated with the next update, it helps us and you to stay up to date and the environment at the same time.

6. No Shipping – More Time, More Money and Less CO2.

We do not send out any software or other materials to you and we enable you to upload all your documents, so you do not need to ship anything to us.

7. Less Hardware – More Money. Less Pollution and CO2.

Since all our software runs on our servers you do not need to update your hardware all the time. Servers have a far longer service life than desk-top computers, we can change that.

8. Less Infrastructure – Less Overheads, More Money and Less CO2.

On-Demand Small Business Infrastructure works with professionals like you, so you can timeshare any expertise you need, no need for offices, heating, etc – outsourcing for our environments sake – it is the way to go.

What really makes these examples so appealing is that while you help to save our environment you also save money, overheads and time on every corner, for your efforts.

A lot has been written about the benefits of on-demand SaaS software, but the green aspect is often overlooked, at WinWeb we call this part of our offering ClimateByte™ Technology and more will be revealed when our new version 3.4 is launched on September 3rd.

Remember we can always do more to help the global environment, it’s not always going to be as easy as this.

If you would like to find out how to do more, click on some of the links below:

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