Are your employees from a happy country?

Most great employers have always known that people who were happy and optimistic made good employees. And it is official now; happy people do make better employees.

Interesting research by Cass Business School reported that the level of commitment of employees to their work was directly related to the level of happiness of the population of the employees country of origin. Dr. Garry Gelade headed the research that covered 49 countries and looked at factors such as cultural values, economy and national personality – the UK ranked 34th.

The report found countries such as Brazil, Israel and Cyprus to be the happiest places on earth and makes the natives the most loyal employees. Russia, Eastern European countries, Japan and Hong Kong rank amongst the lowest in the list.

It is important that your employees are a happy lot in order for them to be productive contributors to the business. You may consider providing flexible working options and investing in business infrastructure that allows you to focus on the core productive activities of the business.

It is important for business owners to look at the latest IT that makes business processes easier and simpler and frees employees of tedious processes such as accounting.

So when considering outsourcing, you know you should be looking at companies or virtual assistants from “happy” countries!

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