Say something profound today.

If you can’t think of something to say, don’t worry – how about this:

  • Based on structural considerations, our physical distribution strategy broaden our horizons tpwards our platform robustness – or this –
  • In the final analysis, performance-based positioning energizes 24/7 architectures.

These examples and 40 million more are generated on the MBA Writer web-site by Mike Shor (Humor), he writes:

Automatically generate sentences ready for inclusion into your business memos without all of the thinking!!

Here you go b*** s*** at the press of a button, you can use it in your memos, emails (or not) it will impress the readers – as long as they don’t come back and ask you what that means. Don’t you hate that – because now you will have to think and work out what to say.

Thank you Mike, his is very funny – I love it – wait for my new found profoundness in my posts from now on. 😉

Hat-Tip to Tim

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