September 2007
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Day September 2, 2007

Home-sourcing, Off-shoring & Exporting America

As the title may suggest to you this post is going to be about outsourcing, two very different types of outsourcing.Off-shoring, I my mind this is all about having work for your business done in India, China, Eastern Europe and so on. The promise is that you get work done for your business and that it is very cost effective or even very cheap - but is it?Lou Dobbs from CNN is lamenting "Exporting America" - partly driven by short sighted Venture Capitalists - is hurting the American economy and in my opinion he is right to a certain degree.... More and more virtual assistants get online and offer their services, in the US over 18 million home businesses exist and that number is likely to double in the next decade.Government need to provide the tax framework for large scale self-employment and cut red-tape wherever possible to allow our economies to benefit from the investments our society has made by providing the education for our "home-experts" and "home-professionals".As a final thought here, I would like to add that it is my believe our society as a whole and local communities, will greatly benefit from people working from home, as for the first time since the industrial revolution some 150 years ago, we can see a trend of people moving out of cities, back to their home towns and setting up small businesses.

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