Ken’s Strike and Rip-Off London, Bad For Small Business.

Ken Livingstone, “our ” Mayor of London, is presiding over a London that has become more and more small business unfriendly, at least that is how I see it.

The latest is the 72-hour tube strike by maintenance workers, as usual both sides blame each other in this conflict and you can not find out what really is going on. The fact remains there may very well be a strike on as of this evening, which will in effect shut the tube down. This after years of poor service and continuous outages on the tube – last week the circle line was down.

Which will be good news for Transport of London, because they can charge more people, who are forced to enter London by car, congestion charge. Which in itself is a rip-off, as far as I’m concerned. The traffic is not any better than it was before, the roads are actually worse and the traffic wardens unbelievable.

After all the promises and big speeches of Ken Livingstone – London is today one of the most hostile small business environments in the UK, the cost of setting up “shop” is outrageous and the infrastructure service provided by Transport for London is a best inadequate, IMO. The BBC has the following to say:

But on Friday, London mayor Ken Livingstone said all Metronet employees had been given written assurances that there would be no reduction in jobs or transfers of employees from Metronet.

Mr Livingstone also said they had been assured that their pensions would be fully protected.

He said: “It would be incomprehensible to disrupt the lives of millions of Londoners and lose their members significant amounts of pay when all of the assurances they have asked for have been given.”

What is incomprehensible for me is how it ever got to this situation – management failure over management failure – who is going to get sacked over this and when – in Ken’s London nobody I guess.

It is time for new ideas, better management and more accountability.

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