Small Business Wisdom – Taxes

This is definitely a weekend theme to give you time to think about, get worked up about and then channel the energy into more efficient tax planning – here it goes:

  • Read my lips, no new taxes.George Bush, US President and liar.
  • It was as true as ….taxes. And nothing’s truer than taxes.Charles Dickens, British novelist.
  • Taxes are a barrier to progress, and they punish rather than reward success.Steve Forbes, US publisher.
  • No taxation without respiration.Bob Schaffer, US politician.
  • But in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.Benjamin Franklin, US politician.

To be fair to George, he is in very esteem company. This always reminds me – if we run our business like some politicians run our countries – we all would be in jail.

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