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Small Business Wisdom – Money

This one of my personal favorites created by Woody Allen:Money is better than poverty - if only for financial reasons.There should always be more to business than only making money. Passion and social responsibility are cornerstones of each business.

Small Business Wisdom – Expectations

Expectations is what customers have of your products and services, you have of your employees and everyone has of everyone else, that was not so good but from me, so lets see what others have to say: Always do one thing less than what you think you can do.... - Alice Walker, US Pulitzer Price WinnerMy favorite one for today is by Elizabeth MacKay, US Managing Director of Bear Stearns: If you follow your passion, the money will follow.

Small Business Wisdom – Bureaucracy

The US economist and writer Francis Fukuyama said about bureaucracy," Large, rigid bureaucracies, which sought to control everything....have been undermined by the shift towards a knowledge-based economy, which serves to "empower" individuals by giving them access to information."Other had the following to say about bureaucracy: Few great men could pass Personnel.... - Dean Acheson, US statesman.And the US writer, sociologist and feminist Barbara Ehrenreich may still be hoping:It seems to me that there must be an ecological limit to the number of paper pushers the earth can sustain.

Small Business Wisdom – Ethics

Mr. Entrepreneur aka Richard Branson, said in a speech to the Institute of Directors in 1993:"A well run business must have high and consistent standards of ethics."This is especially true in a small business or business start-up, if you want to have a chance of building a real small business team.... - Sydney Biddle Barrows, US brothel owner.There are some "real" heavy-weights in terms of ethics among the above quoted, they are "uniquely qualified" to talk about the subject.

Small Business Wisdom – Computers & Internet

In the mid-nineties had the following sales pitch for their online shop, they certainly were early adopters:The parking is easy, there are no checkout lines, we are open 24 hours a day, and we deliver right to your door.If you think about it this is the way we do business today and it does not matter where you are, or how big or small your business is - you should be on the internet selling.

Small Business Wisdom – Marketing

Carl Lyons, marketing director of, said in 2000:Marketing is marketing - it is easy to drape new media in magic, but it comes down to whether it's a good business or not.This is a very insightful statement and a good guide when you you think about new media, technology and so on for your business, if it does not move you forward - why do it?

Small Business Wisdom – Success

Here are some great quotes from some great people about our all goal - success: Eighty percent of success is showing up.... - James Dyson, UK entrepreneur.The last one is my favorite as I believe that to be the most accurate - in my experience.

Small Business Wisdom – Decisions

My favorite of todays quotes is not attributed to anyone, but appeared in the Forbes magazine in 1987:Good decisions come from wisdom.... Paul Getty:If businessmen always made the right decisions, business would not be business.The British swimmer Duncan Goodhew has this to say about bad decisions:A bad decision is when you know what to do and you won't do it.Garaldine Laybourne, US chairman of Oxygen Media said this about decisions:Business today is about making decisions amid ambiguity.

Small Business Wisdom – Taxes

This is definitely a weekend theme to give you time to think about, get worked up about and then channel the energy into more efficient tax planning - here it goes: Read my lips, no new taxes.... - Benjamin Franklin, US politician.This always reminds me - if you run your business like some politicians run our countries - you'd be in jail.

Small Business Wisdom – Problems

Today I got a few I like to do with problems in general but apply just as well to small business problems.This one was written on the wall of the General Motor's research laboratory at Dayton, Ohio:The problem when solved will be simple.The British novelist G.K.... It is they can't see the problem.This post could not be complete without Murphy's Law - one of my favorite slogans:If anything can go wrong, it will.

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