October 2007
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Day October 3, 2007

Send money to get sales!?

I was recently told this marketing idea and I must admit I had to smile - so I thought I share it with you.We all had the odd pen or tea bag attached to a letter to get our attention, but in this idea you sent out say a 1$ coin, attached smack, bang in the middle of the page and write something like this:Do you earn $249 600 per year?... That is equivalent to $120 per hour, $4800 per week and $249 600 per year, can you earn more than that in a year?Now that you re on the payroll, I would like to tell you about my widget.......I can see some problems with this, especially if you plan a mass mailing, but it might just work in certain situations and local areas.

Are you getting somewhere with your small business or are you insane?

If you want your small business to be successful you need to have the ability to get things done - are you one of those people who get stuff done?But is that really all that counts?... But it is essential for your business success to make this hard decision.You may decide to try again and again, but as Benjamin Franklin used to say:"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."ST.

Are you too busy or are you missing the point?

Do you feel like you too busy:- to have time for yourself?to have time for your family, friends, relatives?to enjoy life?Then I would suggest there is something wrong with your work-life balance.... Being busy is NOT an indicator for success, it is often the opposite:If you are too busy, you may be missing the point.If you are too busy, you may not be focused on your core business.If you are too busy, your business may be suffering.So work out the bits that matter, and only concentrate on those.

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