Are you too busy or are you missing the point?

The reasons our work-life balance is often bad is because we are “too busy” – at least that is what we will have ourselves and others belief.

Do you feel like you too busy:-

  • to have time for yourself?
  • to have time for your family, friends, relatives?
  • to enjoy life?

Then I would suggest there is something wrong with your work-life balance. Let me ask you this, do you believe running a business means being busy? What kind of “busy” do you mean?

The “busy”, as in active and fully engaged, there is nothing wrong with that, but the overcrowded or overwhelmed “busy” is very wrong. Being busy is NOT an indicator for success, it is often the opposite:

  • If you are too busy, you may be missing the point.
  • If you are too busy, you may not be focused on your core business.
  • If you are too busy, your business may be suffering.

So work out the bits that matter, and only concentrate on those. If you have spare time, do something for yourself, enjoy your life – you will see even your small business will benefit from that. ST.

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