Send money to get sales!?

I was recently told this marketing idea and I must admit I had to smile – so I thought I share it with you.

We all had the odd pen or tea bag attached to a letter to get our attention, but in this idea you sent out say a 1$ coin, attached smack, bang in the middle of the page and write something like this:

Do you earn $249 600 per year? Because that is how much I would like to pay you to read this letter. It will take you 30 seconds to read this letter, I’m paying you $1 to do so. That is equivalent to $120 per hour, $4800 per week and $249 600 per year, can you earn more than that in a year?

Now that you’re on the payroll, I would like to tell you about my widget…….

I can see some problems with this, especially if you plan a mass mailing, but it might just work in certain situations and local areas. I believe you would certainly stand out from the usual junk mail.

If you plan a campaign like that, I might be interested in your product! 😉


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