October 2007
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Day October 8, 2007

AccountsOffice – no more!

It is our believe that small business needs more than just accounting software, or any other software for that matter, it needs a complete infrastructure, with software, 24/7 service, small business advice and collaboration, combined with world leading small business service solutions.So we took the decision to offer only OnlineOffice, with AccountsOffice and CashBook becoming modules within OnlineOffice. This will show the power of integration to small business, yielding enormous benefits, which made us into the leader in this field.It will help us all to focus better on WinWeb's core business and goals.

WinWeb to release OnlineOffice 4 today.

Including QuickSwitch to enhance collaboration between small businesses and service providers, such as virtual assistants - this is a beta-release and free of charge.Business Planning enhanced, updated cash-flow forecasting, SWOT analysis, mission statement and business goal statement,Full US accounting module, also free of charge for the single user version,AccountsOffice and CashBook are only available as part of OnlineOffice and are no longer individual products, both products remain free of charge as modules in OnlineOffice.Mobile Device Functionality for address book and calendar, beta release,ClimateByte Technology, we are carbon neutral and we help our customers to achieve the same,Highly customizable, over 100 free designs to customize your OnlineOffice, web-site, blog, online-shop and more.Simplified pricing, only one single-user and one multi-user price, including your.Releases of more features and new functionalists will be on a weekly basis.... After the thirty days you can chose not to pay for the full OnlineOffice, then only the accounting software and LiveNet will remain active.I and my team hope you will enjoy the enhancement and new features, which are provided as usual at no extra cost to you.

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