AccountsOffice – no more!

I’m getting questions about AccountsOffice, following my earlier announcement of today.

The problem we see is that too many see us as an accounting software vendor, we are not. While we offer accounting software, still the only accredited online accounting software in the UK by the ICAEW, we are not only about accounting software.

We want to provide our Small Business Infrastructure, centered around our OnlineOffice product. It is our believe that small business needs more than just accounting software, or any other software for that matter, it needs a complete infrastructure, with software, 24/7 service, small business advice and collaboration, combined with world leading small business service solutions.

So we took the decision to offer only OnlineOffice, with AccountsOffice and CashBook becoming modules within OnlineOffice. This will show the power of integration to small business, yielding enormous benefits, which made us into the leader in this field.

It will help us all to focus better on WinWeb’s core business and goals. It is by no means an erosion of our pledge to keep our accounting software free of charge for single users. After the free 30 day trail period for OnlineOffice, any user can decline to pay for the full product, which will leave him/her with the fully functional accounting software (single user) and LiveNet, free of charge forever, no strings attached.

I hope that answers any questions, otherwise feel free to contact me or our 24/7 support. ST.

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