Funding Your Small Service Business

Shama has a great post “3 Creative (and Legal) Ways to Fund Your Service Business” about how to find funding for your small business – I can recommend you read this. But what I liked especially, is this:

“Bonus-Smart Marketing! Please please (pretty please with sugar on top?), leverage the internet to market yourself. I don’t care how small of a company you are-you can use this technique. If you optimize your internet marketing, there is no need to invest in other marketing channels and this is a huge cost cutting mechanism!”

Even without the sugar on top, she is absolutely right, forget the old marketing channels, because:

  • they do not work anymore;
  • they are too expensive;
  • they are a waste of time.

There are great books out there on this topic here is one I was given lately: Buzzmarketing by Mark Hughes, there are many more.

Don’t waste your money – make money! ST.

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