Is your Business Advisor Your Boss?

During one of my daily live support chats with one of our clients I had an interesting conversation about business advisors. This client told me that this Small Business Advisor had told him to sign with WinWeb, so far so good – and a great thank you to the business advisor for the introduction.

But as it turned out it was not an introduction, it was more like an instruction to the small business owner. Now I was far less happy about this whole affair.

While the business advisor has had his “good” reasons to “instruct” his client to use our software, it would have been better to inform the client and let him make the decision for himself. Equally as a business owner you should recognise that your business advisor is exactly that an advisor. They should be explaining your options to you and let you make all the decisions.

Don’t let your business advisor run your business, don’t abdicate your responsibility – if that is what you want go and find a job. ST.

PS.: If you want to chat with me, use the 24/7 Support button on the WinWeb website. It’s easy to find out if your are talking to me, I’m the slow one 😉

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