Labour Continues Assault On Small Business

Stuart and I have a crystal ball, when it comes to predicting “New” Labour’s assault on small business.

When we spoke yesterday morning we both agreed there would be a renewed attack on small business and we were right.

The capital gains tax relief is scrapped.

If you hold on to your small business, build value with your hard work, you are going to get punished. Labour’s lip-service to small business is just that, a lip-service.

The full text of the Pre-Budget Report can be found here. Any belief that this government is going to change it’s short sighted anti small business policies is wishful thinking. This is even more tragic as the number of small businesses are the back-boe of our economy and will be more so in the future.

We need an urgent change of course if the current wave of home and small business explosion is to continue. I have little hope that this will be possible with this government, where vision is something you check with the optician. ST.

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