15 minutes to be illegally copied


As you know I wrote an article about “Social Isolation” this morning, as you can see some one on Business Opportunities claims that “Patrick Schaber” has written the same article – someone at Business Opportunities needs to get this fixed:

“…..Patrick Schaber wrote an interesting post today on Here’s a quick excerpt I always look for way to turn a problem into an advantage, so here is my take on the so often mentioned “isolation problem” for small home businesses, free-lancers, contractor, ….”

Looks familiar? I’m use to having my stuff re-published, but I draw the line at other people claiming my work as theirs. What ever next?

If you do this, then you should make sure it does not show up as “trackback” in my WordPress and Technorati blog reactions file? ST.

UPDATE at 10:44: Thank you Business Opportunities for correcting this “error”.

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