Intuit picks up the “Free Accounting Software Challenge”.

As most of you know we at WinWeb have been offering a free forever – no strings attached – online accounting system for over two years now. It is good to see that Intuit has decided to pick up our free accounting software challenge, this can only benefit small and start-up business.

You can now download QuickBooks Simple Start 2008 for free. It is not online, not sure why they did not offer the online version free, and it seems to be for Microsoft Windows only – so if you are a Mac user, like me no free Intuit accounting software for us. So working with your accountant in real time and get up to date advice is not on the cards, with this free version.

I think it is good of Intuit to offer a basic accounting system free of charge, while I’m not sure if it will remain free and what the future developments will be like, i.e. will there be a free QuickBooks Simple Start 2009? Maybe someone from Intuit will let us know?

Intuit clearly understands the challenges for small business, and the accounting software industry looking ahead. Others seem to have more problems with this. ST.

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