Ethics And Small Business

A couple of days ago, Shama wrote an article “How to Solve Ethical Dilemmas in Business?“, it got me thinking about one of my earlier articles and how important or unimportant ethics are in todays small business environment? Shama made this observation:

“….. in the end you have to analyze the cost versus the benefit of each action. I don’t mean just financial costs-any negative consequence can be viewed as a cost. “

Having spoken to some of my clients lately on way the started their business and what they expected in terms of work-life balance for themselves, it was surprising how often people mentioned the words moral, happy, family-friendly and also eco-friendly. It occurred to me then, that all these attributes are about ethics.

It is also uncanny that these words were only used in the context of small businesses that do not necessarily aim to grow, while very few people I spoke to who wanted to go for world-domination mentioned these same words. ST.

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