Full Frontal Attack on Small Business by UK Government Continues.

Mr. Browns Labour Party must be thinking, “Attack is the best defense!” After all the “goodwill” they generated with their tax-hike for small business in the Pre-Budget-Report, they now send out the former home secretary Charles Clarke – who had to resign, because he couldn’t even follow very simple rules, regarding foreign inmates, repeatedly – to lecture small business about doing better and “promised” more red-tape.

This at least is what AccountingWeb, is reporting in this piece.

While small business is being blamed and punished, big business seems to get away with receiving generous tax breaks and “public” funding – one guess who’s tax-money is being used for this. It is startling, how incompetent politicians are in dealing with small business, could it be that most of them have never had any experience in the real world, since most of them are career politicians?

To me this all sounds like the bad old days, the government is failing on more and more fronts, NHS, schools, crime, public services, not sure if I should mention the war, and many other areas – yet will insist on lecturing us about our “failures”. What ever happened to “leading by example“?

It is time for change. ST.

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