The Future Of Web Startups

There is a great article by Paul Graham on “The Future of Web Startups“, it is so close to what I believe in, example:

“… So my first prediction about the future of web startups is pretty straightforward: there will be a lot of them. When starting a startup was expensive, you had to get the permission of investors to do it. Now the only threshold is courage.”


” … It might seem that if startups get cheap to start, it will mean the end of startup hubs like Silicon Valley. If all you need to start a startup is rent money, you should be able to do it anywhere.”

The truth is you don’t even need the rent money, just do it in your garage or kitchen. Using online technology, means you can do it anywhere at anytime, build your small business network, do business on the beach, while on holiday – it’s all possible.

The important thing here to realize is, that many people are thinking about starting up a small business and start-up business, like SOHO-, SME, SMB-, Micro-, Lifestyle-, Home-, DIY-, Hobby-, Boomer- or Personal business, like professional, contractors, freelancer, self-employed, sole-trader and virtual assistants.

It’s getting cheaper, it’s getting easier and it’s getting more and more important for each global economy. ST.

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