Small Business Creates America’s Jobs

U.S. Small Business Administration, the Office of Advocacy has just released the latest figures for 2004 on small business activities, and the central statement is:

Small Business has added 1.9 Million New Jobs.

Other updated profiles show that:

  • In 2006, the nation had an estimated 26.8 million small businesses, of which 6.1 milion were employer firms.
  • Small businesses employed 50.9 percent of the nation’s non-farm private workforce in 2004.
  • America had 1.1 million Asian-owned firms, 1.2 million Black-owned firms, 1.6 million Hispanic-owned firms, 201,400 Native American-owned firms, and 28,900 Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander-owned firms in 2002 (latest data). (Note: cannot be totaled, as business owners chose multiple ethnic and racial categories).
  • Women-owned firms totaled 6.5 million and generated $940.8 billion in revenues in 2002 (latest data).

Small businesses are America’s job-creating dynamo,” said Dr. Chad Moutray, Chief Economist for the Office of Advocacy. “Clearly policy-makers need to consider their impact on small business when they are making policy decisions.

I say – here are some civil-servance in-tune with their small business feelings. I hope our PM Gordon Brown is taking notes. ST.

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