Technorati Broken Again!

It is a shame, that Technorati still has not manage to get things sorted out, it is not working again, and I wonder how long they can go on like this, before everyone just walks away?

  • I emailed them a few days ago about missing links – no reply!
  • They have been missing links for weeks and month!
  • Today my blog is not being updated at all, even after manual ping requests!

The service level is bad, and the support level not much better – technorati what is going on? ST.

UPDATE Oct. 27, 2007 – 07:35 BST: Needless to say technorati is still not working, by accident I found this on their site:

Please excuse us! We are currently experiencing a few technical difficulties. All should be back up and running very soon. Thank you!

That’s it (?) – a another great example of customer care!

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