Ready To Retire Right Now? Find Out If It’s Time To Quit The Rat Race

It’s monday morning, isn’t it great to be back at work, you have been waiting for this moment all weekend long, or have you? Does your work-life balance “s***”?

Well here is a great article I think you should read, and don’t forget the comments to this post on the The Digerati Life blog:

“I thought I’d try retiring at 50, but I’m now actually aiming to do it in my forties…… So my spouse and I have come to this solid goal: that I’d be quitting my job within the year. I’ve been wavering on this thought on and off for the last few months but now, I’m psychologically ready to pull the plug off my corporate career. These decisions have caught me by surprise as I never thought I’d be thinking about this way so soon. Not a couple of years ago I was happy with work status quo, enjoying what I was doing and building my 401K. I was happy enough that I didn’t want things to change, satisfied as I was with how my job and boss were treating me.”

You will find a checklist attached to the article, so you can check if you are ready to let go, improve your work-life balance, and have a more full-filling life.

This is just what you need to read monday morning when you are in a dead end job – don’t you love my blog? Have a nice day. 😉 ST.

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