October 2007
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Day October 31, 2007

Q & A: How can I build consensus in my small business team?

His answer was to make things happen more smoothly in his business and with less stress.The truth is there is no need for consensus on each issue, what is really important is that things get done and someone has to make a decision how and when they get done - to put it bluntly - consensus is a nice thing to have, but not necessary.... At the end of the day though I make the decisions - the bug stops with me - or in this case you.My team and I have an understanding, I will listen to all their concerns and suggestions, and my team accepts that in the end it is my decisions.Running a company, however small or big, is about leadership, not consensus.

10 minute power meeting technique.

Don't waste your valuable 9 to 5 business time like that.Look at you calendar and write next to each meeting how long it should take and stick too it.While it is important to socialize, you have to make sure your tasks get done on time, so calling a meeting for ten minutes to just discuss the issue at hand will instill a sense of urgency and focus into the participants of the meeting.... Let me say it with the words of the British chairman of Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Ltd. Arthur Bryan, who had this advice for any small business:The key is not to spend time, but using it.Remember this is a rule for internal meetings, for meetings with customers this rule does not apply - within reason of cause.

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