Apple – the customer support nightmare – Part II: The Criminal Investigation

As my readers will know I wrote a post last week about my customer support nightmare with Apple after sales support, not my Apple Store or Apple technical support, only the after sales support – this is the second part of this incredible story of bad customer care by Apple.

There are still two issues outstanding:

Firstly, my order for a new 17″ MacBook Pro and the related problems of getting a new one, so I can get back to work properly. I had send the old one back and was promised a full refund after signing a waiver note, which did not arrive of cause.

What did arrive was a single Mac OS X 10.5 disk (value about £ 80 / $160), which as it turned out was my total “replacement” for my returned order of about £3,000/$6,000!!!!??? It took me a while to understand this as you can imagine, what is the saying: I thought I was in the wrong movie!”

Even after mentioning the obvious difference in value and the fact that I had expected a refund, it took me about 15 minutes to make it clear to my telephone partner that things were not OK. So now I have another parcel waiting to be picked up by TNT and returned to Apple.

I was told off, for not having an RMA number, I mentioned that I was not given one, and anyhow Apple had made the arrangement to pick the parcel up, so they should know where it needs to go, I had just put the order number on the return paperwork and the laptop has a serial number.

Result so far: No refund, no timeline for a refund, but have been told off for getting things wrong – I guess I need to apologize for the mess I have created – how dare I order a computer from Apple!

The reason for my call was to see if the delivery-date for my new laptop to be improved upon? Answer: NO.

Could I please speak with a supervisor and why had nobody called me back so far? Answer: They are busy and I don’t know.

But things got even better! I had also ordered a new Mac OS X 10.5 Server license, I mentioned this in my last post as well. Apple after sales support is insisting, that it was delivered last saturday and that I signed for that. My insistence that I had not signed for that and did not receive it made no difference to my telephone partner.

At this point she should have known things were not going well, as I made her answer the following questions three times:

My question: Are you saying, you delivered Mac OS X Server to me on Saturday, Oct 27, 2007 between 9:30 to 10:00 am? Answer: Yes!
My question: Are you saying I signed for this parcel? Answer: Yes!
My question: Even if I tell you, as I have done numerous times, that I did not sign for that parcel or received that parcel, you are saying you delivered to me? Answer: YES!

She was accusing me of receiving the order, signing for it and then claiming I had not received it.

My question: Wouldn’t it be a criminal offense if I lied about this? Answer: Yes, you should provide us with a copy of your passport so that we can verify your signature.

At this point my blood started to boil – over 30 minutes on the phone, got nowhere and now this – I told her I was quite upset about the way I was being treated, and that someone had impersonated me, which is identity theft, and I was not going to send her a copy of my passport. I told her I would report this incident to the police, and that I would be happy to help with any enquiry the police wanted to make. She then called TNT, while I was on the phone, told me to talk to the lady she connected me with and hung up!!!!!

I got a tracking number from the TNT lady, called the police, reported the incident and got a crime number, they are making enquiries – how sad is that? Order a Mac Os X 10.5 Server and you have to start a criminal investigation to clear this mess up, because the Apple after sales support people couldn’t care less – the fact that I need my server license did not enter the conversation one time.

One point I would like to make, both police officers I spoke to told me to “never – ever” send a copy of your passport or driver’s license to anyone, and that they have no right to ask you to do that.

So this whole episode is getting more and more upsetting and insulting – only Apple can get away with that, you know why?

My whole family bought iPhones last night and we absolutely “LOVE” them – I know – THAT IS SAD, I’m weak, what can I say?

At this point I would like to say, my borrowed computer crashed yesterday and that is why I’m having trouble blogging currently, should not have given my old Mac away so soon. But my son has given me his old one, so I’m partly back in business now – until I get my new laptop.

So on monday I should be up and blogging again as normal.

UPDATE Nov 10, 2007: Had a voice mail on my mobile, from a supervisor, she promised to call me on Monday – first (hopefully) good news for a week.

I would like to thank the following bloggers for picking up this story on their blog, and tell their readers about this unbelievable customer support story, it will hopefully help me to get this whole mess resolved sooner:

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Should you link to this post, please let me know, so I can add you to my list. Thank you. ST.
UPDATE Nov 12, 2007 – 11:45 BST: TNT called, they are picking up the wrongly delivered Mac OS X 10.5 license – at least the pick-ups seem to work then!

No call from the Apple supervisor promised on Saturday yet?

Update Nov 12, 2007 – 16:00 BST: I have spend the last hour on the phone to Deidre – Supervisor Callback – and we got some things cleared up:

  • Even-so, she put my new computer order on priority 1, it is unlikely to get here faster, because of the lead time of the new processor and the new hard-disk.
  • She would like to get a copy of my signature – not passport, or anything – so I’ll write her a fax, so she can deal with TNT, and she is shipping me a new copy of the OS Server out.

Plain facts, plain english – that is the way it is! Why did this take so long, why was this so difficult? Judging by the latest superb financial results, someone may be having growing pains, let’s hope these get sorted out soon.

I hope this is the end of this sorry affair, didn’t get far, but I guess they are not going to change the processor timetable for me, what do you think?

Thank you all for your support, especially my blogger colleagues! It’s time to move on. ST.

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