What is your customer service agenda?

I hope you have got one and everyone in your small business knows it. You need to understand what level of customer care your customers want, so most of all you need to listen.

I often come across small business, where customer complaints are causing stress and sometimes even anger. That is sad to see, since you should be grateful that your customers bother telling you about your problems, nine out of ten times they don’t. That should be a frightening thought for any small business owner, they will just stay away and you lost a customer.

You should thank your clients for taking the time to talk to you about your problem. Sometimes listening to simple little comments can make a difference too:

  • “No parking out there!” – could cost you your customer for the next order;
  • “I forgot, I can’t pay with credit cards!” – will cost you business;
  • “Nobody called me back!” or “Nobody answered the phone!” – are business killers;

These are just a few examples, why you need a customer service agenda. You should get your staff to understand your customer service agenda fully, so they can do things professionally, courteously and promptly.

If you don’t have a customer service agenda, your customers may have a agenda, to go and buy somewhere else. ST.

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