What is your small business resolution for the new year?

Reading through the small business blogs I read daily, I notice many people still go on about New Year’s resolutions. It is always funny to see that most resolutions don’t last the month. So why do we bother?

The problem with resolutions is that often we promise to stop something we enjoy most – with an undesirable side-effects. Make no mistake about it, keeping a resolution is hard work, no matter if it is for your private life or your small business life. Rather than setting goals we most likely will not realize, we should embrace constant small change and give ourselves time to reach the big goals. It is often said that most good resolutions start too late and end too soon – experience tells us that it’s true.

I try and see my goals as “work in progress”, that way I enjoy the small achievements on the way to the big goal and don’t put myself under more stress with unrealistic resolutions.

May your troubles this year be as short-lived as your resolutions. ST.

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