Q&A: Should my home business be online?

Every business, home business, self-employed business should be using online technology to reach the maximum potential of the business in a bootstrapping fashion.

It is not difficult or expensive to be online these days, have a look in your yellow pages to find an it consultant to help you to bring your business online. You can use WinWeb for all your small business online IT needs at a very low monthly cost, so compare prices and see what you get for your money.

There are different aspects of going online, here is a little overview for you:

        1. Web-Site – it is like having a brochure online.
        2. e-Shop – do business online 24/7 and instant.
        3. Blog Software – build a readership and keep in touch with clients.

You could use OnlineOffice with all the added data security and Software as a Service – SaaS benefits. This would leave you free to concentrate on your business and not on your office.

If you are not online, you are not in business. ST.

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