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You must be getting bored with reading my blog, my ranting on about outsourcing, cost-contol, OnlineOffice, bootstrapping, work-life balance and so on. To solve this problem for you, I thought I will now and then introduce a new blog to you. To make things as painless as possible for me, I will have the owners of these blogs tell you themselves about the blog and themselves.

First up Tom Lindstrom – Editor, The Home Business Archive:

        My name is Tom Lindstrom, and I run The Home Business Archive. I thought I would
        tell you what my blog is all about and why I have created it. I was given this
        great opportunity to tell you my story by Stefan Töpfer from The Small Business Blog,
        Thanks Stefan!

        I became unemployed in early 2006 from my job as a system engineer, and had no idea
        what I was going to do. There was no possibility to get a normal day job and finally
        after feeling sorry for my self I decided to start my own online business because
        I had read on the internet that making money online would be very simple and easy.
        It had to be true, right?

        Obviously, no magic trick worked, and no “one million dollars by tomorrow-special report”
        either, and that‘s no secret. After searching on marketing forums and talking to people
        who are really making money online I finally started to see results. I realized that
        making money online requires a lot of work and effort. The results would not be instant

        I decided to put all the marketing strategies that works for me in a blog so other
        people also have a fair chance to earn an income online. As I see it, you can not
        completely rely on your job income in todays world, you need an additional source
        of income.

        My blog contains almost 150 home business and marketing articles,links to proven affiliate
        programs, reviews of excellent marketing products, Web2.0 powerlinking and bookmarking
        strategies and free marketing ebooks. The blog is updated regularly with fresh up-to-date
        information. Today the blog has a Google Pagerank 4 (PR4) and receives over 25.000 unique
        visitors per month and rising.

        It is possible to make a full-time income on the internet, but it is important to
        understand that it will take time and you need to work and invest some money too.
        Just keep trying and never give up!

        Please visit The Home Business Archive, leave a comment on your favorite article, and
        you will get a valuable link back to your site. I have removed the “no-follow” tag.

        Tom Lindstrom

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